All of The Silents' songs - And where to find them

To make finding their songs easier, I dedicate this site to just that. Their songs and MVs, including the EP "Flicker and Flames", which is not on Spotify for some reason. The songs redirect to their YouTube links for easier listening! Alternatively, any Apple Music or Spotify links to the respective EP or album are also given. If any of the links don't work anymore, please contact me!

Flicker and Flames - EP, March 6th 2006

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1. Nightcrawl

2. High Blues

3. Gypsy

4. Little People

5. Mind in a Blanket

23 - EP, November 2nd 2007

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1. 23

2. Quiet Out in Here

3. Window

4. Strangers

Things to Learn - Album, March 29th 2008

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1. Things to Learn

2. Ophelia

3. 23

4. Tune for a Nymph

5. Turn Black

6. Nightcrawl

7. Little Girl Lost

8. Devils

9. See the Future

10. Astral Child

11. Generation Space

12. Bruised Sky

Sun A Buzz - Album, June 25th 2010

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1. The Snail

2. Serpents Touch

3. Kingdom, Abhor, Sea

4. Psychadelic Hospital

5. Muse of My Nights

6. Sun A Buzz

7. Metal to Flies

8. Dwell

9. Sombre Mists of Sleeping Slow

Music Videos

Nightcrawl - Flicker and Flames

23 - 23 EP (big seizure warning)

Little Girl Lost - Things to Learn

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