Welcome to Breaking The Silents!

This is a fan page dedicated to the australian psychedelic rock band The Silents, their lore and anything else that might be interesting.

But you might be wondering, why make a whole page dedicated to a band that has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth? Because I think that their history and lack of a lasting legacy despite all odds is interesting, basically. What I mean by that is that The Silents have toured nationally with The Vines, Pond, Tame Impala and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, massive australian bands that have had a lasting impact on the australian music scene and, in Tame Impalas case, the international music scene, yet The Silents never got the same treatment. And that is baffling to me. I want to change that, even if not by much. I think their music is amazing and deserves so so SO much more than what they got during and especially after their active years, so I made this site, both for Silents fans and complete newcomers: This is what Breaking The Silents is for.

Breaking The Silents is dedicated to all those people under their MySpace profile and LastFM page that referred to them as their favourite band, wherever they may be, I hope they still love this band as much as they did in 2009. It is also dedicated to The Silents themselves, Lloyd Stowe, Sam Ford, Jamie Terry, Alex Hayes and Mike Jelinek.

This site was created by FinMerett, a relatively new Silents fan (also not an aussie) who started to randomly hyperfixate on them after watching their Little Girl Lost MV. Contact me on Twitter if you wish!

This site was also made possible by the Internet Archives' amazing Wayback Machine. Thanks to it I was able to fall down a Silents rabbit hole for 3 straight hours.

Sorry if this site sucks really hard, I have no idea how html works (yet)